A Real Holocaust

I don’t like the situations the political matrix serves us, but the Russians are saying a vote for Hillary is a vote for world war and a vote for Trump is for world peace. No, I don’t particularly care for him but Hillary scares me deeply. She is clearly not even herself anymore and- research MK Ultra, demonic possession and so on. We are not in Kansas anymore. I have started posting the following. If you agree that humanity is worth saving, please think about these things from a non-partisan and non-self interested viewpoint, realise America is toast either way and consider what I say here. It doesn’t matter if you agree or disagree. I am 43 and don’t have kids. Hillary WILL provoke nuclear holocaust. Good luck with that.

“Trump is a narcissist. Clinton is an easily- recognised total psychopath who would gladly nuke the world. I don’t have kids, thank fuck. With a totally-partisan media cheering her on to the destruction of the entire world, I don’t know why you are posting things like this, really”

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