“Try posting when you’re sober occasionally. If you’re trying for a shock value, it wears a bit thin when you’re all over the fucking place, and just being needlessly insulting and childish. You think nobody knows about Monsanto et al. and what is happening to the world? You think that only a lonely drugged up fucktard who has a bit of a way with words can save the planet with every other second thought being consumed with future Vietnamese pussy?”


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  1. Ex-colleague and a friend. My sister is surprised I haven’t blocked him.

    To be fair, I had had one or two ales

  2. I’m honoured mate. I think this is the first time I’ve featured here… and by the way, this wasn’t by any means the first time you’ve forwarded that invite after a few jars. Actually, on these odd occasions it has generally come in the form of a late-night challenge, with the friendly(ish) insinuation that I might (unlike your good self) be holding back a bit, or playing it safe.
    On this occasion, your kind invitation to roast you (always an honour) was, if I remember correctly (I’d had a few that evening myself) issued in the usual challenging manner that I ‘bring the cunt’.
    Of course we have different styles, as all do, but you know I respect your skills. Rock on brother.
    Say hi to your sister for me 😉

    • Ha ha I remember I did say ‘Bring the cunt!’ You provided that with style.

      You’re a good mate and a very talented bloke.

      Readers out there- Stu’s site is worth a read even though he barely updates it since he left South Korea which it was focussed on.

      Massively more hits than me even still though. His article on Korean prostitution has been shortlisted for a Nobble Prize, I think

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