Along Those Lines

History repeats itself
Again again again
Like the blurring green and yellow
From the window of a train
Where the tangle of geometry
Fuzzes up the brain.

Listen; these are junctions:
The thudding of the track’s
Like a squad of soldiers marching on
Ready to attack
And we are fading far away
And never coming back.

We are flying through the city
As a feathered poison dart
Over bridges under bridges
We are ripping through its heart
And the avenues and alleyways
So hard to tell apart.

But I have seen the streets and alleyways
And I have made them mine,
I’ve encompassed all the grey lives
Unrestricted by the line
For love can know no barrier,
Cannot be kept confined.

And as we open up our lives
We keep increasing speed
And none of us need anything,
There’s nothing left to need
And other stuff to read.

History repeats itself
Again again again
Like the spattering of water
On the window of a train.
A candle lights up briefly
And then fizzes in the rain.

History repeats itself
Again again again.

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