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Despite doing well in Art up to A Level-, my Victorian father forbade me from entering Art College on the grounds that “There’s no money in Art!”

Instead, he advised me to go get an English Degree as it was a good all-rounder and with a bit of luck could easily get me going in the Media just like Jeremy Clarkson (I shit you not- this is how unenlightened the boomer generation were and are).

“Just so long as you NEVER become a bloody school teacher!” he would drunkenly and only half-jokingly bellow. He had run away from home to join the Royal Navy as soon as he could so had both zero academic qualifications and zero respect for teachers who he mockingly called ‘screechers!’

University started and I suddenly forgot about Art. I developed other interests and ideas instead.

I feel a 25-year break since is quite long enough so I have started charcoal sketching with the view to adding oil painting eventually.

I need 30 pieces for an art exhibition really and I fully hope to sell the pieces one way or another (so if you are interested in any of the pieces, please let me know in the form at the bottom).

Sorry to get so hassly with all the breadtalk, yeah. It’s just that people have stopped paying for books, music and most of the other cultural things that I could come up with. This has meant ending up teaching- EXACTLY the kind of NIGHTMARE SCENARIO my father envisioned when he thwarted my original art plan and then the English degree inevitably led to me teaching rather than being paid by The London Times to write the idiosyncratic filth I do.


People who have the money will always still like an original artwork on the wall, however- something unique that will never be repeated. No point furnishing your Kensington Mews with a Mona Lisa with Spliff poster. People will scoff at both your Athena ‘Topless Man Holding Baby’ AND your Woolworth’s ’70s Tennis Lady Scratching Arse’.

Instead, an original piece of art can imbue a wall space with the kind of calm and happiness that a mirror never can (unless you’re still young and pretty; trust me- it won’t last). It also gives guests something to talk about during vol au vents (I hear that’s how posh people start their evenings).

All pictures are A3-size and drawn on Daler-Rowney Fine Grain – Heavyweight paper before being treated with Daler-Rowney Perfix Colourless Fixative spray.

The pieces will be on sale in the USD 250-500 region, depending on how long the work took.

If you can’t afford the price then you’re probably not the target market for original pieces. I will think about prints at some far-off stage, but NOT for these 30 charcoals: these are all one-offs.

So, I will post the 30 exhibition pieces as and when I produce them. It will help focus my mind on doing this and also give readers an easy link for checking into the collection as it grows.

Each piece will be on its own subpage.


Ron aka Rik



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