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Apart from twanging a guitar- mainly to annoy the neighbours who can hear through the walls each note and every off-key caterwaul my tortured larynx produces, I have been involved with three musical projects that actually went beyond just a name.

They are:

Live Sex on Stage



A joke teenage band back in my Stratford-upon-Avon days which was, mainly a collaboration between myself and the rather more famous Neil Codling. You can read about it here.

(Neil also used to produce pages for a teenage comic called Rim, under the pseudonym Glen Coinlid- the thread for which is here).

The Lemonade Trip

Another teenage band- and a rather po-faced collaboration with singer/songwriter Ben Dalby (recently feted by Steve Lamacq) from which I got fired at the end of a gig which started like this:


repetitivebeast is an electronic music project I have been working at on and off since 2002. Mainly off, to be honest. It had a different name before, but someone nicked it during my years of exile from the UK, so this is what I call my electronic output now. It is mainly repetitive and beastly.

You can follow the thread for this here– I have started making stuff again, as well as remastering older tracks and will upload as and when.

Sadly, my interest in creating electronic music coincided exactly with the average person’s interest in illegally downloading music for free, thereby changing the game forever.

Before the ramifications of this became clear, I had some interest from independent recording artists I trusted, who were trying to get record labels etc. off the ground (early noughties).

Anthony Gallagher of LA Synthesis and later Linear Systems was  keen to release some of my work at one time, but things fizzled out through no fault of his.

Andrew Grant, DJ for Circo Loco at DC10 in Ibiza, was very interested in my track Under Control back in 2003. Tragically, I couldn’t afford a plane ticket to go meet him on the White Isle, so his plan for 500 split-single white labels never happened.

Soon after this, I got totally fed up with England and left to join the fantastic TEFL treadmill, which involved arrest, deportation, being homeless and penniless in East Asia and various other horrors. Spending endless hours with a spliff on fiddling with virtual knobs had to take a back seat to bare survival.

You can also:

click here for my soundcloud..

like my facebook page for repetitivebeast here

Frank Cardoe – Comedian


In addition, I am trying to publicise the only surviving audio recording of my grandfather Frank Cardoe, who was an astonishingly popular comedian in the Birmingham (UK) region from the 1920s until his retirement from performance in the 1960s.

Because this all happened in an age before things were recorded- and because he (rather foolishly, in my opinion, but he wanted to stay with his family) turned down a very serious offer from London Weekend Television, he remains an entirely unknown and obscure figure.

I hope to change that- to the degree that modern people might be interested in this sort of thing- and need to speak to my aunt pronto to fill in a few gaps.

His performance of his signature piece, together with a few surviving photos is here:

Some of Frank’s history- together with the tale of how Cardew Robinson re-recorded (under very shady conditions) his track “Someone Stuffed a Crumpet up Me Trumpet” as “Trumpet Involuntary” can be found here:

Bad Karma for Cardew Robinson

I’m considering podcasting at the moment- what with all the functional illiteracy going on and long-form blogging being a dying niche. Stay chooned.

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