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I merely asked the massively talented designer / artist / theatre director / performer Bryon Fear if he could knock up something for the back cover (to go along with the front of a mad elephant spearing a paper policeman- his idea) of the 2nd and definitive edition of Make Yourself Uncomfortable. He had already produced a delightful front cover harking back to 1950s children’s annuals, anarchy and things slipping out of control.

I am stunned by the beauty he has produced for the back cover here. Check it fucking out.

Bryon you are a star.

So, I’m working on a much more beautiful edition of the book of the site before tackling the more thorny issues of late-90s clubland.

Not ACTUALLY that thorny, but piss funny and ridiculous. Just hard to write about in many ways and not just due to MDMA amnesia.

Ask anyone Gen X. Go ask your parents or philosophy professor or whatever. Check out Trainspotting on Netflix like you were actually there (hah, that WASN’T actually MY generation though it was cool as… as.. agh… ok… cool as fuck).

We were ALL doing way too much MDMA back in the 90s just to cope with the pain the Boomers were inflicting on us.

They still are.

(Though not me now, as one parent is dead and the other has disowned me).

Please be merciful to the degree you can with Gen X. Not our fault and fuck all we could do about it. We didn’t even thrive.

EXCEPT in being vile potty-mouthed losers like RIGHT HERE at the Gallery of Grotesquery.

Pull my finger.

PULL my finger.

PULL my FUCKING finger.


I’m not asking, I’m telling you.


Munch loaf,

Unkkkle Skidmarx




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