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A brief pause in writing, then: I have recently escaped from the dark insanity that is today’s Bangkok (laffs a-plenty coming soon! ) and into the relative peace of Ho Chi Minh City (that’s in Vietnam).

Despite the endless scooter traffic and untiring efforts of most of the locals to cheat you for a dollar, the place is a change for the better and offers steady and reasonably well-paid work teaching, unlike Thailand.

As well as plenty of work, the country has a low cost of living, bottled beer for a dollar in restaurants and- without wishing to sound sexist or anything other than respectful to women and their ongoing fight against oppression and objectification by patriarchy- Vietnamese women are blessed with pretty faces, slim figures and top-notch gazongas.

Nobody knows why this is the case but it definitely is.

Remember the opening scene of Good Morning Vietnam? Granted, the last time you watched it the image was probably all blurry due to the tears you were weeping over Robbie Williams.

But just before you stopped the video, deciding ‘It’s just too soon’, there was a scene with Robbie in a car going “Wow!” and “She’s hot!” and “Phwoooaaaarrr!” and stuff like that at every woman going past.

It’s like that.

Combined with the cheapness of beer and other recreational substances, the availability of women leads most expats into a debauched lifestyle which eventually takes its toll. Mind you, you get piles just from sitting at home and watching TV, so there’s a cost factor to whatever you do.

Once I have finished the humiliating rounds of interviews and demo lessons, I will be back- hopefully with that story I mentioned about nearly getting shot on Koh Phangan.

Though unfortunately I have since realised that nearly getting shot is a major spoiler that probably makes the whole thing suck now.

Well, whatever. Most of you  just StumbleUpon this site and stumble away again in any case.

Stumble on, Stumblers!

Those who are closely following realise I’m probably being post-modern or something. Metanarrative. Shit like that.

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