Because Russia

There have been a number of hysterical news articles recently blaming Russia for tampering with the US election and how awful the Russians are.

Can you fucking blame them if they actually ARE behind the tampering?

Hillary was gung ho for nuclear war with Russia, hot on the back of her “A-hahahaha- we came, we saw, he died” moment following Gaddhafi being sodomised to death with a knife in the street.

Tolerant. Progressive.

As for the election hacking, fair play to Russia if they WERE behind it all.

The USA, as it projects its power in the world, is like the retarded bully in Year 8 who doesn’t yet realise his paradigm of shutting people up by slapping them is coming to an end due to his peers developing cognitive processes he cannot even conceive of.

Sure, he may have been the first with pubes.

Big fucking deal.

(PS yes, I turned the ‘r’s around in the ‘May Contain Trigger Words’ thing because I am also directed by the Kremlin. Will post again as soon as the KSB gives me the word. Stay choo choo x)

(PPS After a bit of thought: most of my audience is American and I have nothing against you in the slightest. Indeed, some of my best mates are American.)

I do have issues with the foreign policies that you seem to easily shrug off because it doesn’t directly concern you. I would argue that it does, though.

Your affect on the world is huge. We’d still like you to be noble and for you to have a role as a nation to direct things. The last 15 years have been a big NO from the world, all round, however.

Please, sort it out.




Ah fuck it. check it yourself.

(recommend though. Fuck google.)


“Aside from its instigation of coups and alliances with right-wing juntas, Washington sought to more subtly influence elections in all corners of the world. And so did Moscow. Political scientist Dov Levin calculates that the “two powers intervened in 117 elections around the world from 1946 to 2000 — an average of once in every nine competitive elections.”

In the late 1940s, the newly established CIA cut its teeth in Western Europe, pushing back against some of the continent’s most influential leftist parties and labor unions. In 1948, the United States propped up Italy’s centrist Christian Democrats and helped ensure their electoral victory against a leftist coalition, anchored by one of the most powerful communist parties in Europe. CIA operatives gave millions of dollars to their Italian allies and helped orchestrate what was then an unprecedented, clandestine propaganda campaign: This included forging documents to besmirch communist leaders via fabricated sex scandals, starting a mass letter-writing campaign from Italian Americans to their compatriots, and spreading hysteria about a Russian takeover and the undermining of the Catholic Church.

“We had bags of money that we delivered to selected politicians, to defray their political expenses, their campaign expenses, for posters, for pamphlets,” recounted F. Mark Wyatt, the CIA officer who handled the mission and later participated in more than 2½ decades of direct support to the Christian Democrats.

This template spread everywhere: CIA operative Edward G. Lansdale, notorious for his efforts to bring down the North Vietnamese government, is said to have run the successful 1953 campaign of Philippines President Ramon Magsaysay. Japan’s center-right Liberal Democratic Party was backed with secret American funds through the 1950s and the 1960s. The U.S. government and American oil corporations helped Christian parties in Lebanon win crucial elections in 1957 with briefcases full of cash.

In Chile, the United States prevented Allende from winning an election in 1964. “A total of nearly four million dollars was spent on some fifteen covert action projects, ranging from organizing slum dwellers to passing funds to political parties,” detailed a Senate inquiry in the mid-1970s that started to expose the role of the CIA in overseas elections. When it couldn’t defeat Allende at the ballot box in 1970, Washington decided to remove him anyway.”

– Washington Post

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