I’m currently adjusting to life in Saigon. Weird, crazy shit has happened but I haven’t had sufficient distance from events to create a satisfactory narrative- and I think that’s one of the things a reader craves.

Nor have I thought up many jokes and, sad to say, they weren’t particularly offensive.

e.g: “I met a Civil Engineer recently. Very polite.”

And so on.

This is because I was being inundated with Facebook friend requests from adult Vietnamese IELTS students. At the time, I was a bit underemployed so said yes to all of them. A lot of them were hot also, so that helped.

This then led to something of a quandary in which I have spent eight years on Facebook swearing my head off and making objectionable jokes but suddenly had to clean up my act, all the while hoping none of them ever get the desire to poke back into the past before I created a ‘close friends’ list on Saturday.

Ah well, fuck it. Given the decline and fall of civilisation everywhere, what I might say online is par for the course. Tragically, I am not at the leading edge of this sudden surge taking everything apart and am therefore in the backwater backwash of Vietnam- one of the few genuinely developing countries in the world.

My writing style has gone to shit due to teaching basic essay writing endlessly to IELTS students here.

I’ll be back shortly when I have some more gonzo.

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