Business as Unusual

The very real timeline we just avoided was the absolute certainty of a global thermonuclear war. Congratulations to all those who did their bit to make sure this didn’t happen.

I’ll be back soon. In the middle of tiresome job applications for next year and closing dates are imminent.

At least there will be a next year now!

Much lumps

Your fiend

Ron Gridcharts x

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    • Cheers dude. Shamefully I once read The Guardian and had a smug liberal outlook on things that was conditioned into me by Marxist university lecturers. Challenge ALL authority they said. When I challenged theirs I was nearly kicked out of university.

      Have had much hardship I had to overcome in life but fuck it. That actually IS life. I’d be dead now if I didn’t fight.

      Trump is probably a right tosser but I will give him a chance. Taking down Killary was the only priority up til now.

      Happy to have played my own part in the meme wars. We won a battle. The war still goes on.

      • I like the comment about challenging authority (except that of leftists). That’s the problem with Marxism – nice in theory, but the endgame is the same – the wealth in the hands of the few.

        I actually think that the deep state lot got what they wanted: anybody but Sanders – this whole election was a charade to keep him out.

  1. Yes, quite possibly. If Trump is succesful in anything that I agree with it will be to destroy people’s belief in Statism on both sides of the divide. When he inevitably backtracks on making anything great again for his supporters they will be extremely unhappy and when the penny drops for the Democrats that Hillary Clinton’s stealing the nomination is the reason they lost, hopefully they will respond appropriately and walk away.

    Hard to say, though. The Deep State are masterful at leading everyone around by the nose.

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