Faces In Places

I have here totally given in here to the entities that haunt my drawings. Frankly, some of them are bizarre and disturbing and they- or rather I- really should be ashamed. Yep, it IS for sale. Highly-recommended for trippy types […]

Warm, Wet and Dirty

Yes, it’s the seafront of Myeik, Myanmar at low tide once again. A bit more work needed perhaps… then a change of scenery for the next picture.

Low Tide

Myeik, Myanmar at low tide. I spent 10 months there and some say I nearly went mad there (it was the spider and gecko saying that- left far behind, now, thanks! Ta-TA! L-L-Losers! Others, however, point to this very blog […]

Bar 5 #1

Bar 5, Pasteur, Ho Chi Minh City. A3 Charcoal Sketch. A friend likes to play a game of how many faces he can spot hidden in the background of each picture. Definitely a skull in this one. Some others also.

Myeik, Myanmar. Street View

A3 charcoal on paper. A street in Myeik, a city in an isolated province of Myanmar. I spent a year there, largely by accident. I haven’t drawn much for 25 years and am getting back into a flow of using […]

Don Det, Laos

A charcoal drawing I’ve just made.   I went to Don Det, Laos by mistake after the editor of peninsularity.com assured me it was a party place. It wasn’t but it was very peaceful and highly-recommended if you are looking […]

Saigon Riverfront

A3 charcoal on paper. I just drew this but it is of the riverside in Saigon three or four years ago. The middle area- which was some kind of scrubland- has since been filled in with more high-rises. Some have […]