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First of Nomember

How could it possibly be All Saint’s Day without that rarest of all, St Dinsmarg making a long-overdue appearance? Still half-man, half-bird and 100% taplen file (whatever that is), he is the patron saint of old sweets that have gone […]

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Nigel Lister

Nigel Lister- Chartered Accountant of the Future. Recently cleaned and restored, this is an homage to Frank Hampson’s Dan Dare.

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Norris Smith

=>> This is one of the cartoons I drew for childish fanboy comic Rim back in the daze. I’ve had to clean the image up from its shabbily photocopied state for my awesome book Make Yourself Uncomfortable. I didn’t want […]

Glen Coinlid #8

And so wee present the final two pages of Neil Codling‘s Glen Coinlid’s 1991’s Easter’s Special’s Special. And the law of diminishing returns has set in- a steadily-declining hit rate, resembling the lower slopes of the Cotswold Hills slumping towards […]

Glen Coinlid #7

The penultimate upload of the Glen Coinlid Easter Special 1991, created by a teenage Neil Codling (that pouty one in Suede). Save