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First of Nomember

How could it possibly be All Saint’s Day without that rarest of all, St Dinsmarg making a long-overdue appearance? Still half-man, half-bird and 100% taplen file (whatever that is), he is the patron saint of old sweets that have gone […]

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Nigel Lister

Nigel Lister- Chartered Accountant of the Future. Recently cleaned and restored, this is an homage to Frank Hampson’s Dan Dare.

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Norris Smith

=>> This is one of the cartoons I drew for childish fanboy comic Rim back in the daze. I’ve had to clean the image up from its shabbily photocopied state for my awesome book Make Yourself Uncomfortable. I didn’t want […]

Glen Coinlid #8

And so wee present the final two pages of Neil Codling‘s Glen Coinlid’s 1991’s Easter’s Special’s Special. And the law of diminishing returns has set in- a steadily-declining hit rate, resembling the lower slopes of the Cotswold Hills slumping towards […]

Glen Coinlid #7

The penultimate upload of the Glen Coinlid Easter Special 1991, created by a teenage Neil Codling (that pouty one in Suede). Save

Glen Coinlid #5

More pointless filth from the Rim archives, produced by Suede’s Neil Codling in 1991. This is the first public airing. Sunlight is a disinfectant. Save

Glen Coinlid #4

In which Neil Codling tackles the really big questions of back in the day, such as “Where is shirts?” and “How do you write your name in pints?” Even though this was created in 1991, and what you see here […]

Glen Coinlid #3

Continuing the saga of Neil Codling‘s 1991 sophomoric satire of the Stratford-Upon-Avon Herald, The Glen Coinlid Easter Special, finally revealed to all and sundry.

Glen Coinlid #2

Continuing the publishing of the Glen Coinlid Easter Special 1991. Enjoy. (NB: Glen Coinlid was the alter-ego of Neil Codling, Suede keyboardist. When he was at school, he was also a satirical collagist contributing to my own photocopied comic Rim. […]

Glen Coinlid #1

A while ago, I mentioned that I was a school friend, confidant and editor to the young Neil Codling (keyboard player in Suede, washer-upper with the Penguin Cafe Orchestra), who was then savagely cutting and pasting his way through the […]