Big Gay Cousin

1998, The Midlands, England. I cracked open a can of Stella and swigged from it, staring out the train window at the rapidly darkening landscape that rushed past. As I swallowed the tangy liquid I tried to empty my mind […]


(written c. 1997) So we’ve cribbed a solution and cheated on tests but all the chaos and confusion makes more sense when we’re messed And when the conclusion that heaven’s just chemistry is confirmed, the solution is clubbing and necking […]

Christmas Gin 4

(In which I nearly conclude this sorry tale- Part One is here) I was poking around at my fried eggs and wondering why the fuck Thai people never cook them properly and have they ever heard of salmonella and why […]

Christmas Gin 1

Christmas 2014, and to those who may accuse me of being repetitive with my choice of Thailand yet again as a holiday destination, I say this: you try living in the Middle East and see what vacations you fancy after […]