I’m currently adjusting to life in Saigon. Weird, crazy shit has happened but I haven’t had sufficient distance from events to create a satisfactory narrative- and I think that’s one of the things a reader craves. Nor have I thought up […]

More International Audience

To gain a more international audience, I was going to start posting in Spanish as well as English. But then I remembered I don’t know any Spanish. I don’t know any Spanish people either. Or even Hispanics.

Since You’re Here…

Since you’re here… I’ve got a small favour to ask. Blog trolling costs real money and yet less people like my posts than ever before. Unlike many bloggers, I haven’t encouraged followers or randomly friended that many people but I […]

One Weird Trick

This one weird trick will maybe make me a few pennies off this website while alienating every new reader and those of you I have managed to already gain as readers of the Gallery of Grotesquery (much obliged to you, […]


Despite it being hot as hell in Myeik, Myanmar (that’s Burma for those who can’t let go of the British Empire- I’m looking at you, UK establishment here), my last weekend ever in the city is approaching. I plan to spend it […]

Back Cover

I merely asked the massively talented designer / artist / theatre director / performer Bryon Fear if he could knock up something for the back cover (to go along with the front of a mad elephant spearing a paper policeman- […]

Super Mario

If I was that Super Mario, I’d just give up on rescuing Princess Peach. She’s always in another castle after all. I’d probably settle for one of the Toads instead. They’re androgynous and ubiquitous and always happy to oblige. Some […]