Not Lovin’ It

All I did was ask the girl in McDonalds to hold the pickle. Now I’m on a sex offenders register for life. Just because hand signals.      

Carry On

I spotted this in Myeik Shopping Centre. I’m guessing the shopkeeper doesn’t understand what it means.


An English text fail I spotted recently when getting a haircut. Always nice to see them in the wild like this.

Another Shameless Plug

Here’s a chance to part with some of your money on your very own copy of the Make Yourself Uncomfortable book. I know! Awesome, right? 196-page perfect-bound paperback only $9.30 here. Kindle edition for UK readers £3.77 here. Kindle edition […]

Curly Fries

You know how some people see Jesus in a piece of toast or the name of God (by whatever monicker the Demiurge is choosing to go by) in a split avacado or whatever? Well, my mate Orange happened upon this […]

No Picture

Big Cock

As the post about my lovely girlfriend is about the most popular thing to happen on this site in two years (1.2k StumbleUpon likes in 48 hours), I thought I’d share a wholly unnecessary and graphic picture of someone riding […]

Hear Hear Dear Bear

The true story of being a local radio station mascot in 90s Britain. For those who prefer to read instead, click here. (Update: I now realise the audio sounds a bit garbage. Sorry! I am new to this video making […]

No Picture

Ethiopian Boys

Two years ago, I spent a week in Ethiopia which was a bit fraught, to be honest. Anyway, I got this very funny and sweet footage of some boys dancing for me. It was uninvited and unannounced and they cleared […]