Here’s a joke for yer…   Why does Pudsey the Bear have an eye patch? Because Jimmy Saville spunked so hard in his face it both blinded and disfigured one eyeball forever.

Colours, Man

Spotted in Vietnam. Check out the colours, man… — “Hey gang- yes it’s me, TV’s Noel Edmonds. I’ve been busy writing a book about cosmic ordering and numbers or something in time for the Christmas market. But let’s face it, […]

Not Lovin’ It

All I did was ask the girl in McDonalds to hold the pickle. Now I’m on a sex offenders register for life. Just because hand signals.      

Carry On

I spotted this in Myeik Shopping Centre. I’m guessing the shopkeeper doesn’t understand what it means.


An English text fail I spotted recently when getting a haircut. Always nice to see them in the wild like this.

Another Shameless Plug

Here’s a chance to part with some of your money on your very own copy of the Make Yourself Uncomfortable book. I know! Awesome, right? 196-page perfect-bound paperback only $9.30 here. Kindle edition for UK readers £3.77 here. Kindle edition […]

Curly Fries

You know how some people see Jesus in a piece of toast or the name of God (by whatever monicker the Demiurge is choosing to go by) in a split avacado or whatever? Well, my mate Orange happened upon this […]

No Picture

Big Cock

As the post about my lovely girlfriend is about the most popular thing to happen on this site in two years (1.2k StumbleUpon likes in 48 hours), I thought I’d share a wholly unnecessary and graphic picture of someone riding […]