Mind the Generation Gap

Ok, first of all- do you even blame my generation for not panning out when, as a group, we never even worked out whether it should be ‘X’rs’, ‘Xers’, ‘Gen Xers’ or ‘Xs’? We were fuckulated at birth- the Jilted […]

In Solidarity

In solidarity with all those who are suffering in the world right now, I just chopped up an onion and really sniffed in the fumes. Tears literally streamed down my face as I thought about my own role in this […]


As my name was just given to me by my parents (without consulting ME, I might hasten to ADD) and therefore imposed on me by Patriarchy and that, I refuse to answer to my own name any more. I’m currently […]

Share and Post and Whatever

Spam EVERWHERE with this. You might not give a fuck. I suggest you do. The idea is to fill up more of our already ridiculously overloaded time with a quick hit of Narcissistic supply when people actually fucking buy into […]

No Picture

White Guilt

I can’t do that clicking thing with my fingers or even kiss my teeth. I CAN however make clip-clop noises. Does that save me at all?

Mind War #1

As we are likely to see more of this kind of fakery in coming days and as I am currently not interested in entertaining but in educating, here is a BS┬ámeme that was shared on my Facebook feed today:   […]