Low Tide

Myeik, Myanmar at low tide. I spent 10 months there and some say I nearly went mad there (it was the spider and gecko saying that- left far behind, now, thanks! Ta-TA! L-L-Losers! Others, however, point to this very blog […]

That’s Got to Hurt

The Hindu festival of I’m not sure what is still ongoing. Today I passed the temple where they were gathering with floats on carts. It sounded a bit meh to be honest and I was hungry. Later on I caught […]

Hindu Rain Ceremony

I figured I would take a wander yesterday as it was my last weekend in Myeik, Myanmar (or Burma as the Anglo-American empire insist on calling it). Myeik is a multicultural and multi-ethnic city in one of the most isolated […]

No Picture

Lady Muck Update

If you were quick you caught my post about one of the stray dogs that hangs out in the street outside my house in Myeik. The poor thing is half-blind and lame in one leg, so at the bottom of […]


Despite it being hot as hell in Myeik, Myanmar (that’s Burma for those who can’t let go of the British Empire- I’m looking at you, UK establishment here), my last weekend ever in the city is approaching. I plan to spend it […]

Myeik, February 2017

A walk around town a couple of weeks back. I’ve been living in Myeik, Myanmar since July but it feels like a lot longer. There is nothing to do or buy here and nowhere to go except the rooftop of […]


Some pictures I took during a week’s break in Yangon back in October. At the time, I was contemplating moving there but after a few days I realized that, compared to other places in Asia, it’s pretty dull. As the […]

Days 218-221 Ghastly Emanations

“Whither Ron Gridcharts?” I hear you cry (I don’t actually- I’m not that deluded). Well, I’ve either been slumped on the toilet or had my head down the toilet for three days due to a ghastly food poisoning incident at a local […]

Goats. Eeeh.

Either the entire town smells like goats tonight or the motorcycle taxi driver could use a good wash. UPDATE: yeah it was him. Goats have a particularly gnarly smell about them. A lot of them roam wild on the streets […]

Day 199 – Spider AND Gecko WTF

Day 199 of jungle isolation. It could be day 200, to be honest. Who can say? Well, obviously I could if I looked at the calendar, but that kind of thing would be self-defeating in that semi madmen don’t actually […]

Day 192- Sex of a Spider

Jungle isolation, day 192. Spent a large part of the afternoon trying to gauge local opinion about Trump and his inauguration but the geckos just kept running and hiding from me. Perhaps they still blame me for the death-by-sick incident […]

Day 188- Death of a Gecko

Jungle isolation, day 188. My sense of isolation yesterday grew to the point of considering Facebook suicide until I realized it is far too late for that now in terms of what They already know about each of us. As […]

Super Moon

This is the most important national holiday in Myanmar due to the full moon and boy was I excited about taking some photos of whatever they were going to get up to at four o’clock. Little did I realise they […]

Wild Dogs

Myeik is full of packs of wild dogs. A couple of elderly ones in my street made friendly overtures so I thought fuck it. I can always wash my hands after petting them. I think the male dog is dead […]