Why is it when you take a flight on a plane it’s easy and you don’t have to do much except sit back and relax yet when you take a flight of stairs it’s really strenuous and you might need […]

Bye, Mutie!

More Hollywood Babble-on: Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s Kevin Rowland is remaking his top 80s hit ‘Come On Eileen’ as a Bukkake video for the Japanese retro crowd. No word yet on whether the original Eileen will reprise her role but let’s […]

Mo Fo

UK Election: If only Mo Mowlam had been born ‘Mo Fowlam’, her tabloid name would have been ‘Mo Fo’. She probably wouldn’t even be dead in that reality- she’d be Prime Minister. Her campaign slogan could have been “Mo Fo, […]

Normalcy Bias

Either the psychopathic child-raping scumbags directing the Anglo-American empire will step down graciously and accept their prison cells, stripped of their ill-gotten gains, or they will provoke another world war (probably nuclear because- well, why SHOULDN’T they????). Being psychopaths, I […]


In a world hopelessly wading through the incarnadine seas of crimson slaughter, it’s easy to focus on what is hideous in your own existence- threats both real and imaginary, robbing you of all volition and hope. For peace of mind, […]


“Try posting when you’re sober occasionally. If you’re trying for a shock value, it wears a bit thin when you’re all over the fucking place, and just being needlessly insulting and childish. You think nobody knows about Monsanto et al. […]


Change from the norm, here. I’ve been so disturbed by information I have read today on that I HAVE to share it with you. I have a reasonably sized audience and actually I am sure many of you have […]

International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to have a wank over UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Sadly, it just went all floppy. To be honest the whole thing is nonsense and you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. […]