Yuge Scalping Potential. YUGE.

Stand, sit, kneel. Who gives a fuck? The NFL spell is now broken. You may think me a prize cunt but I am dispelling illusions rapidly and therefore serving my function. Kali for Running Mate 2020. Yuge scalping potential ahead. […]

Hey, You, Whitehouse

I’m currently listening (once) again to Pink Floyd’s ‘Pigs- Three Different Ones’. I gather it has gained a new audience and new-found meaning in this last twelve crazy months with many (including Roger Waters himself) equating the first verse with […]

Trumpton Riot

Undeniable photographic proof of Bill Clinton’s current whereabouts- he’s in Vietnam disguising himself as Donald Trump, in a wig that can only be described as ‘unconventional’.

Fox News

I’m experimenting with my mental wellbeing by getting all my news from Fox. I watch Fox reports & watch their documentaries. I also get breaking news from the website direct to my phone. It’s only been a week yet I […]


Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes: I saw Jeremy Paxman in town by the theatre half hour ago. I shouted “university challenge is shit” at him really loud from close up. He looked absolutely terrified. He’ll never forget that the cunt. He’s […]

Group Hugs

FAKE NEWS OR NEW FAKE? Although it’s hard and becoming harder to verify whether Trump has actually said anything in his entire public life except, “You’re FIRED!” on TV show The Apprentice or “Urrrrrhhhhh.. u-huh,” on leaked videos of him doing […]


Why is it when you take a flight on a plane it’s easy and you don’t have to do much except sit back and relax yet when you take a flight of stairs it’s really strenuous and you might need […]

Bye, Mutie!

More Hollywood Babble-on: Dexy’s Midnight Runner’s Kevin Rowland is remaking his top 80s hit ‘Come On Eileen’ as a Bukkake video for the Japanese retro crowd. No word yet on whether the original Eileen will reprise her role but let’s […]

Mo Fo

UK Election: If only Mo Mowlam had been born ‘Mo Fowlam’, her tabloid name would have been ‘Mo Fo’. She probably wouldn’t even be dead in that reality- she’d be Prime Minister. Her campaign slogan could have been “Mo Fo, […]

Normalcy Bias

Either the psychopathic child-raping scumbags directing the Anglo-American empire will step down graciously and accept their prison cells, stripped of their ill-gotten gains, or they will provoke another world war (probably nuclear because- well, why SHOULDN’T they????). Being psychopaths, I […]


In a world hopelessly wading through the incarnadine seas of crimson slaughter, it’s easy to focus on what is hideous in your own existence- threats both real and imaginary, robbing you of all volition and hope. For peace of mind, […]


“Try posting when you’re sober occasionally. If you’re trying for a shock value, it wears a bit thin when you’re all over the fucking place, and just being needlessly insulting and childish. You think nobody knows about Monsanto et al. […]


Change from the norm, here. I’ve been so disturbed by information I have read today on jimstonefreelance.com that I HAVE to share it with you. I have a reasonably sized audience and actually I am sure many of you have […]

International Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, I decided to have a wank over UK Prime Minister Theresa May. Sadly, it just went all floppy. To be honest the whole thing is nonsense and you should ALL be ashamed of yourselves. […]

Boo, Don’t Do the Stand Up Poo

Flush from convincing men everywhere that sit down wees mean less nagging or are somehow posher, the real agenda of the New World Odour becomes clearer with each passing day. The stand up poo is to be rolled out worldwide […]

Orange Hitler

Let’s forget for now that everyone on the Left gave Obama a free pass for eight years of continuing the globalist war in the Middle East on the grounds he is black (kind of racist, if you think about it, […]

Lizard Breath

Petition: “Donald Trump should be allowed to enter the UK in his capacity as head of the US Government, but he should not be invited to make an official State Visit because it would cause embarrassment to Her Majesty the […]