Odd Dream

I just had a dream so vivid that it could possibly have been an insight into a parallel universe. In that world, I was also a teacher but at somewhere that looked more like a grand house than anything. I […]

Djinn Attack: Jubail, KSA

Image: ‘Djinn’ Alejandro D’marco I am researching the djinn and asked a friend, Peter Fairless, if he would share a deeply disturbing experience which happened to him in Jubail, 2006. Here is Peter’s experience: I’m English. At the time of […]

Looney Choons

There’s a recent internet story, expounded on by jimstonefreelance and others, that somebody is playing with the timeline and therefore various anomalies are occuring. So far these glitches in the matrix have been puzzling. Some remember things as always having been […]

Bank Cottage

When I was seventeen, my father decided that we would move from the flat above his town centre pub in Stratford-Upon-Avon to a thatched cottage in a hamlet called Wixford. “It’s our Magic Cottage,” he said, indicating his second wife, […]

No Picture


It’s been a while since I last did ketamine, but I hear it’s still in use by the feral yoof of the UK. It used to be used as a battlefield anaesthetic for humans, but got canned after the Vietnam […]

No Picture

I Sky

Stratford-Upon-Avon, 1997. The months after my father’s death were strange, dark ones. Ripped off for every penny in the will and thrown out of the family home by my Wicked Stepmother, I was forced to take, at immense expense, a […]

The West Wing

Leicester 1998-1999. The worst room I have ever stayed at was in Seymour Street, a road in Leicester’s Highfields area, a notorious dump just at the back of the train station. Here, crack whores would strut their stuff on every […]