That B&W Challenge

A recent Facebook challenge has been 7 black & white photos in 7 days. I was nominated for this by UK-based artist and photographer Paul Stork, who I’ve become friends with via Facebook. (I look forward to meeting him when in […]

Japanese Backstreets

I had to go find a visa agent who can do me a 12-month extension on my current 6-month business visa here in Vietnam. He charges me $365 for a 12-month extension and pays the police $350, thereby making $15. […]

A Hem

Actually it’s two or three different “hem”s around Bui Vien Street in Ho Chi Minh City.

Myeik, February 2017

A walk around town a couple of weeks back. I’ve been living in Myeik, Myanmar since July but it feels like a lot longer. There is nothing to do or buy here and nowhere to go except the rooftop of […]


Some pictures I took during a week’s break in Yangon back in October. At the time, I was contemplating moving there but after a few days I realized that, compared to other places in Asia, it’s pretty dull. As the […]

Some Photos of Myeik

I’ve recently bought a nice Sony camera (A5100 mirrorless compact) to document the almost totally unheard of city of Myeik, a provincial backwater in the far south of Myanmar (aka Burma). This is my home until next year. The region […]