Out of Season

c. 1990 – I was seventeen when I wrote this, so it’s juvenilia The tourist lights flicker and fade And the tide rolls in without retreating again And the water that fell as September rain Has stood for weeks in […]

National Express Anthumb

I not so recently made an epic non-stop (except for a 45 minute wait at Birmingham) National Express Coaches tour*, exploring a substantial portion of the motorway network and even down to Victoria Station in London. The purpose of this […]


(written c. 1997) So we’ve cribbed a solution and cheated on tests but all the chaos and confusion makes more sense when we’re messed And when the conclusion that heaven’s just chemistry is confirmed, the solution is clubbing and necking […]

Along Those Lines

History repeats itself Again again again Like the blurring green and yellow From the window of a train Where the tangle of geometry Fuzzes up the brain. Listen; these are junctions: The thudding of the track’s Like a squad of […]

The Elite

If the Elite concede defeat maybe we can then move on but as it is it’s normal biz -wars and stars with nothing on

The Lake

They warned me to take great care on the lake for it is black and is deep and slowly coming awake. At the shoals of its dreaming it is groping from sleep with dark lights gleaming far below the boat’s […]

Testing the Waters

  She tests the water and so do I, both feeling for dangers with a toe pretending not to see the signs that warn of currents and undertow Now we’re in at the deep end and it’s all erratic- either […]

Underground, Overground

Wimbledon Common no wombles a windmill a spliff’s worth of pollen I circle a small hill climb an embankment fuck off to Roehampton in search of a centre the place doesn’t have one just traffic and transport that falls short […]

No Picture

Television Love

Like some black and white set my love is. After I turned it off, shut off those feelings and words something remained:   a dot in the centre grew again against my wishes.   You are the ghost in my […]