All To Do With Colour

At this most drab time of the year (except here in the Tropics where it has finally– thank fuck– stopped raining) here’s a colourful tune I wrote especially for you and especially for this moment in history. The provocative title […]

American Way

A track I wrote in 2005. The sample is from some late-50’s “Gee, America- everything’s JUST SWELL!” advertorial.  


An electronica track I made 10 or 12 years ago on the subject of fingers clicking. I had only recently got over the pain of RSI and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome at the time, you understand, and I think the track […]

Monkey Shags YouTube

I’m going to post the tracks I recorded as Repetitive Beast on youtube in no particular order. Here’s one because I was thinking about Tom Baker just a little while ago. I sampled a famous session of Tom Baker being […]

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The Time Has Come

And so we come to the meat and two veg of the site and really the point where things truly did spiral out of control. In 2004, my life became so bad- living in London, trudging its thankless miles- for […]

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Mumbo Jumbo

My tribute to the great fraud and hack magician Aleister Crowley. Listen here: And download by right-clicking on this word here. — “Don’t as thou won’t.” “If thou do then whoop de fookin do.”  

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My Pee Pee E.P.

Another in my series of tenuously rhyming E.P. releases, providing a steady stream of relief for those who are bursting to go. (If it smells like Sugar Puffs, please consult a physician.) 1. WE CONTINUE DOING SEX 2. WAGE SLAVE […]

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My Teepee E.P.

This is the third in my series of tenuously-rhyming E.P. releases under the name repetitivebeast.  It has been specially sonically engineered to sound absolutely tip top in a wigwam. I’d do some pun on ‘intense’ / ‘in tents’ here but […]

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My Free Pea E.P.

Each copy of which comes with a free pea!* Right-click on the title if you prefer downloading to streaming. I know I do. I’m old-school that way… 1. Lazarou Pandemonium 2. Right-click (and Save Target As) 3. Flies Undone 4. […]

My Creepy E.P.

  Following a request from a friend, here are some more of the tracks I have recorded as repetitivebeast. I will also explain some of the thinking behind the tracks. I know, I know. Writing about music is like dancing […]

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Symphony for Monkey Shaggers

A long time ago, I came across this hilarious audio of the actor Tom Baker (who played a majestic Doctor Who back in the 70s). He’s probably fairly sloshed, in a recording studio, doing a voiceover for a furniture company […]

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An American Way of Life

A bit of ambient electronica weirdness for you. Taken from my unreleased second album “I Know Longer Care”. You can download your very own copy of it here. Samples are taken from the BBC Documentary ‘The Beyond Within’, a fascinating […]