Jesus Pizza

“…before 1992, I was all about the Ham and Pineapple.” Jesus Pizza, spotted in South Korea by writer, libertine and friend Scott Morley, whose current blog is here. He says he will have a kick-ass site in January and fair […]

Introducing Incheon

I arrived in Osaka, tired and jetlagged- a stopover from London to pick up my Korean work visa. Even the train journey from the airport was stunning- the morning September sun dazzled on the sea with the promise of new […]

Being Insincere

I’ve been asked to write more about my time spent in South Korea by an old friend, Murrman, who is currently enjoying life, love and liberty in the Kingdom of Dust (Saudi Arabia). Nah, not really- he’s just scooping up […]

Pix Nix Time

Exile goes through a number of phases, much like grief. Immediate Culture Shock or What the Fuck? (this can go on indefinitely) Honeymoon – (skip this period if you find yourself in South Korea) Acceptance – (routine established, you realise […]

No Picture

The Time Has Come

And so we come to the meat and two veg of the site and really the point where things truly did spiral out of control. In 2004, my life became so bad- living in London, trudging its thankless miles- for […]