God vs Atheists

If God really existed everywhere then we’d literally keep tripping over him wherever we went. Yet we don’t so therefore there is no evidence of his existence. At least we have evidence of Richard Dawkins’ existence, through articles, books and […]

If That God

If that God is so short of money he has to go scrounging every Sunday, maybe he should try selling the Books of The Bible separately to his poor parishioners instead of just flogging them all in one expensive volume. Lets […]

Come Together

Wouldn’t it be great if, despite our differences, we all came together?     Apart from arguing about the dry-cleaning bill after, obviously.

What if?

What if we just gave up on what is good about humanity, gave in to the dark impulses that desire our annihilation and just run with that? No. Wait…


In a world hopelessly wading through the incarnadine seas of crimson slaughter, it’s easy to focus on what is hideous in your own existence- threats both real and imaginary, robbing you of all volition and hope. For peace of mind, […]

Rainbow Buttercups

Hi! EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’ve really learned to get all om and shanty since last night’s meltdown and am just sipping an apre ski latte and winding down and chilling and all. Everything is FUCKING AWESOME, you guys!!!!! Love to you all […]

Animals and Shit

If I can play my own small part, make some kind of active contribution to driving one species to extinction during the time God has granted me to swan about this planetary dump, then I’ll consider that job done. It […]


It is far easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled. And if their pay cheque depends upon them being a fool then forget about it – Confucius

72 Virgins

I don’t know why these radical muslims want to martyr themselves on the off-chance of having 72 virgins up in Heaven. Let’s face it, they probably haven’t filled their boots either or they’d have better things to think about. Imagine […]

Mistletoe & Whine

I don’t know about you but I am getting increasingly bored of the Saviour being born every Christmas, year in year out, only to be nailed to a tree four months later. Couldn’t they do it more like the Olympics? […]

Me? A Sage???

Although concerned with spiritual evolution, I doubt I will ever be a sage. And, as has been pointed out to me, it is unlikely I will ever make a mint, either. Perhaps a parsley or a cress or something. Given […]

Uncle Orange

If you have followed this blog in the slightest then you will know that not only is my good friend Orange a sobering hand-on-the-tiller influence on myself, personally, but is right now in a mid-forties stylee and ready to crack […]

Maybe a Good Thing

For years I’ve had a thought that on one level it is terrible that animals are going extinct at a frightening rate. At the same time the number of people in the world keeps increasing. The Law of Thermodynamics says […]

Curly Fries

You know how some people see Jesus in a piece of toast or the name of God (by whatever monicker the Demiurge is choosing to go by) in a split avacado or whatever? Well, my mate Orange happened upon this […]