Finally, David Icke

If you managed to fit EVERYONE in the WHOLE WORLD on the Isle of Wight (source: Collins Encyclopedia, 1968). THEN, FINALLY resident David Icke would get the worldwide audience he so richly deserves.

Them Greeks

If I were them Greeks, I wouldn’t want to waste what little money I had on smashing plates at weddings. I’d buy plastic ones that could be thrown and used again for future festivities.

Viet Namaste

I was going to write something really good here- full of subtle allusion, improbable swings in register and meaning switchbacking along every sentence to the point where even I don’t know how the paragraphs went like that or what they […]

Hindu Rain Ceremony

I figured I would take a wander yesterday as it was my last weekend in Myeik, Myanmar (or Burma as the Anglo-American empire insist on calling it). Myeik is a multicultural and multi-ethnic city in one of the most isolated […]

Sun, Get Your Tits Out!

The Sun has been playing hard to get lately. Sure, she’s super hot in the daytime but really cools off by late afternoon. When evening comes she makes her excuses and leaves. And that’s here in the Tropics. I hear […]

Happy New Year

My upcoming holiday in Thailand, where I finally escape Myeik, coincides with Thai New Year- Songkran. This might sound joyous but is actually millions of people pouring water over each other for days on end and numberless hordes of farang […]


Some pictures I took during a week’s break in Yangon back in October. At the time, I was contemplating moving there but after a few days I realized that, compared to other places in Asia, it’s pretty dull. As the […]

Days 218-221 Ghastly Emanations

“Whither Ron Gridcharts?” I hear you cry (I don’t actually- I’m not that deluded). Well, I’ve either been slumped on the toilet or had my head down the toilet for three days due to a ghastly food poisoning incident at a local […]

Mind Gorilla

So I’ve been listening to that John Lennon. Mind Games, he calls it. I’ll post a link in case you don’t know the song in question. In it he categorically and repeatedly (to the point of tedium, frankly, like he’d […]

Christmas Gin 4

(In which I nearly conclude this sorry tale- Part One is here) I was poking around at my fried eggs and wondering why the fuck Thai people never cook them properly and have they ever heard of salmonella and why […]

Some Photos of Myeik

I’ve recently bought a nice Sony camera (A5100 mirrorless compact) to document the almost totally unheard of city of Myeik, a provincial backwater in the far south of Myanmar (aka Burma). This is my home until next year. The region […]

Christmas Gin 3

Despite it being the undoubted highlight of our trip to Koh Phangan, I remember very little of the Jungle Party on Christmas Day, what with one thing and another. I’m going to move straight on with the narrative before the […]

Christmas Gin 2

Part One of this story is here. Haad Rin was full to bursting with the Christmas crowd: groups of twenty-somethings dressed in Santa hats, drunk and covered in typical tattoos under their Singha wifebeaters. A Gordian Knot of Israelis were […]

Burmese Dancing Girls

I was recently invited to the graduation party of Myeik University’s Chemistry Department, which was several hours of musical skits such as this, performed by the graduates. It was quite a contrast from my own graduation (several hours of heavy […]

Christmas Gin 1

Christmas 2014, and to those who may accuse me of being repetitive with my choice of Thailand yet again as a holiday destination, I say this: you try living in the Middle East and see what vacations you fancy after […]

Down to the Roach

I was rather upset tonight when a cockroach the size of a large cockroach decided to fly into my T-shirt when I was taking a slash at my regular seafront bar. The beating of its exoskeleton against my collarbone as […]