Chancellor Car Crash

Watching this it is clear that the EU is not an economic project but a stepping-stone towards a one-world government.

I know my friends on the Remain side have good intentions.

Such is the road to hell paved. My Remain friends are also statist socialists.

While I agree that a mixed economy provides the best outcome in terms of happiness and production, I absolutely reject the EU because it is a puppet of international finance and a “loose affiliation of millionaire and billionaires”, to quote Paul Simon.

The entire Right/Left Dialectic was created by them. It no longer serves us as people.

The EU has not and never will be representative of the people of Europe. It represents the will of the Powers That Be. And even if transformation were possible, we have seen where left-wing utopias have led us before in history and it never ends well.

Foolish to believe in such.

Foolish further to think the EU is the mechanism for delivery.

I am no fan of the deepening moral and economic depression the EU is being shepherded towards by its Fabian wolves.

OH, here’s the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne clearly off his head on coke in Parliament:


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