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Friend, living legend (he once had his record played by Steve Lamacq on BBC Radio 2) and one-time regular musical turn at Betsey Trotwood (London’s smallest performing venue, at which he consistently filled the 25 available seats) Ben Dalby has been on a musical hiatus recently and has instead branched out into computer-generated ‘chick lit’ with what he calls, logically enough, the Chick Lit Generator.

The results are thrillingly formulaic, much like the genre itself, but the synopsises (is that a word?) created by his humble 48K ZX Spectrum are enough to inspire even the most insipid writers of this kind of thing to keep churning stuff out that, doubtless, will sell bucketloads more than my own harrowing tales of chemically-imbalanced woe.

An example here:

Olivia’s Cake Shop of Peace

Insurance broker Olivia Simpson has been studying accountancy at night school while in an on/off relationship with accountant Lionel when an unexpected legacy throws her world upside down. Could she really open her own Cake Shop? And what about infuriating yet intriguing fireman Ethan Byrne who seems to be both her best customer and her worst enemy?


Click here to generate your own. Who knows what creative juices will start squirting out your brain.

Full disclosure: In 1990, Ben fired me from local teen Stratford sensation band The Lemonade Trip for sitting down on stage with my back to the audience and reading the lyrics from a book when I was supposed to be the singer.

Moments before THAT happened, THIS happened:


For the whole sorry story, click on where it says Live Sex on Stage just underneath this bit.

Live Sex on Stage

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