Common Hardcore


Is there any parent out there who, when asked by their 9th Grade child for help with Math homework, doesn’t feel a load of chunky sick rising up when reading the Satanic horror that is being foisted on society in the name of ‘education’?

Something is very wrong in America* [I’ll leave you to guess exactly what, but the answer’s at the end just in case you too have been so  dumbed down you don’t know what an asterisk is] when questions such as the following are being posed to our children:

“In a Japanese bukakke movie it takes 40 men, each diccuping one tablespoon of salty tadpoles, exactly one hour to transform a nervous teenage runaway dressed as Sailor Moon into a retching, sobbing mass that looks more like the mashed potato mountain in Close Encounters of the Third Kind than a human being.
“How long will it take just one man to cover the same area?
“Assume the bukakke soloist spurts at regular intervals throughout a 35-hour wank week and takes thirty minutes to recover between each splurge.”







*Even the porn is offshored.


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