Crazy Consumerist Bargains

Sex FiendNocturnal Sex Pest Writes:

Picked up a brand new second hand Sony TV this evening. Won it last night in an auction. A Sony KDL40W5500.

In 2009-2010 this was one model from the top of the range. The reviews are excellent.

I bided my time waiting for this particular model but didn’t expect change from £200-250.

The couple I picked it up from had the receipt, the manuals. The remote was never used as they had a multi controller.

They paid £1099 from John Lewis late 2009. I paid £104. Bargain.

I drove to a village near Drotwich Spa to collect. 21 miles each way.

It’s pristine. No marks at all. Well looked after.

Just spent 20 minutes cleaning it with a microfibre cloth polishing it removing prints.

It’s come up like new. Mint. Piano black original PS3 finish. Beautiful picture.

It’s amazing how much money they’ve lost in a few years. I’d be gutted but that’s the market I guess.

I like a good quality screen & You pay for what you get.

I’ll never buy a new TV ever again as I’m perfectly happy with cared for used & saving nearly £1000.

It’s just amazing what u can get for £100 in a rampant capitalist consumer economy.

Retail shoppers are like mugs.

There she is:


All sparkly clean & hooked up.

When eBay provides a bargain it’s a real winner.

I’m over the moon.

yeh, people shop away the pain. brainwashed drones.

It’s unbelievable isn’t it.

You know I haven’t bought any new clothes in probably 10 years as you can get new or nearly new at boot sales for 50p-£2.

Even shoes & trainers I get new or nearly new.

I got a pair of new Levi’s with labels attached for £2.

It’s extraordinary.

I can get most I need to live of markets & boot sales. Only thing is food. I have to go & pay the shareholders for that.

This country & most are in a huge debt.

Every citizen has thousands yet they go shopping like machines & waste their hard earned on crap they don’t need to make themselves feel good. Get a high.

Consumers are addicts with credit.

When their in debt their controlled workers feeding the rich.

I couldn’t live with credit & APRs.

No, nor me. one of the reasons I left the UK- wages are deliberately kept at a level which means anything above survival entails getting into debt for. they’ve got it all worked out. it’s highly scientific.

Keep poor people poor with debt & tease them with big shiny things.

Get them into debt buying £1000 TVs & new cars. Lifelong mortgages & if all goes well you’ll get a few years debt free at the end to visit horrible tourist shit, rot & die.

They’ll take your house of you to pay for terrible abusive care whilst you suffer the indignity of nappies & relive poverty.

Live fast & play hard.

Get by & be happy.

That’s it really.

65 is old enough if your healthy otherwise 55 will do as long as you go suddenly. No long Drawn out humiliation diseases.

Funny enough I went to a boot sale today.

Got 5 PS3 games for 50p each & 2 movies for 50p.

Got a new with tags Superdry shirt for £1.

The tag said £69.99.

You’ve gotta laugh. The idiot that bought all those consumer items probably is still paying them off on their credit card losing sleep thinking of their next retail hit.





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