Crotch Hillary

Hi! I’m Limp Kidney!

Nice to be met!

Feeling fantabulous in my Hillary Clinton-pantsuit pantsuit (or is it a onesie?)

If I could get an erection I’d show you Crotch Hillary’s Pinocchio routine but I can’t and so I won’t.

Until next time

Trumps of Love

Limp Kidney xx



“Hey gang- yes it’s me again, Noel Edmonds. I’ve been busy writing a book about cosmic ordering and numbers or something in time for the Christmas market. But let’s face it, it’s a pile of ghostwritten shit that will be in The Works discount bookstore on January 4th for 29p.

“You’d be far better off buying Ron Gridchart’s sensational book ‘Make Yourself Uncomfortable’ which is as brave and bonkers as that one-eyed guy in The Goonies.

“It’s available for £7.99 / $10.06 (plus P&P) at this link.”

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