Dark Ideas

One such hammered out when hammered with my friend Simon was ‘Don’t Do Animal Prolapse’.

He had been watching a lot of anal prolapse porn at the time (which I personally find disgusting). How to make it MORE disgusting, therefore?

Bring bestiality into the mix.

The whole idea in ‘Don’t do animal prolapse’ would be the focus on the term ‘do animal prolapse’ (NLP, if there IS such a thing), therefore creating an entirely new and revolting subset of porn.

We’d crowd source pictures of people (possibly photoshopped) with tongues perilously close to the prolapsed rectums of various animals.

Thankfully, this never happened, but it is still the official Mission Statement of our LLP (clearly modeled on google’s ‘Don’t be evil’.)

We really should get it changed to something more corporate and pronto if we’re to make any money here.


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