Day 199 – Spider AND Gecko WTF

Day 199 of jungle isolation.

It could be day 200, to be honest. Who can say?

Well, obviously I could if I looked at the calendar, but that kind of thing would be self-defeating in that semi madmen don’t actually bother with such things as knowing the exact date, personal hygiene or the Scientific Method.

While I don’t actually want people out there to think I have gone completely mad, of course, this narrative thread only really works if you start to question me starting to question the question of my own sanity, stuck out here in the jungles of Burma (actually I’m in a totally isolated city of 200,000 people that is surrounded by jungle and fuck me it feels a lot smaller than that).

Sadly I trashed the kitchen spider’s web last night by mistake. It has been reduced to a couple of anchoring threads until it manages to build another one tomorrow. Just went downstairs and there the spider was, two inches away from a baby gecko. They had obviously been plotting against either me or the mosquitos, though they shut up pretty quickly when I entered the room. Once they realized I was scrutinizing them, first the spider ran and then the gecko.

Who is behind THEM, I wonder? Just the kitchen wall or something far darker and uglier?

I’m not talking about my neighbour here, by the way, as that would just be racist. And she is actually reasonably good-looking for an older bird.


Had a quick gawp when grabbing another beer. The baby gecko is now nowhere to be seen and the spider has retreated to its safe space like a Liberal Arts student.


Geckos will eat anything, including spiders. I probably save that spider’s life.

I hope its next web spells out a message of thanks or there will be trouble.

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