Days 218-221 Ghastly Emanations

“Whither Ron Gridcharts?” I hear you cry (I don’t actually- I’m not that deluded).

Well, I’ve either been slumped on the toilet or had my head down the toilet for three days due to a ghastly food poisoning incident at a local hotel restaurant at the beginning of the week.

Sometimes I tried and failed to do both positions simultaneously, depending on the flow, and just sat squirting and either yacking down myself or into the bog paper bin depending on how with-it I was at the time.

I managed to throw my back out due to the violent upheavals meaning sleeping for more than an hour at a time was difficult. Each shift in position meant sudden wracking pain and then the awareness I needed to rush to the bog yet again. Depressing.

Tonight I feel much recovered thanks to three days off work chugging electrolyte fluids. I’ve even been to complain to the hotel manager.

“Well, you Westerners have weak bodies,” he said. “We Myanmar are strong.”

“Look,” I snapped, “I have lived in Asia for twelve years. I never had food poisoning in Korea. I never had food poisoning in Vietnam. I never had food poisoning in China, even. I had food poisoning in Thailand once- sixteen years ago. I have had food poisoning four times in Myeik and three of those times have been at your restaurant.”

He is now in a state of suspense as to whether I leave a bad review on tripadvisor which, seeing as they are only one of five hotels listed in Myeik, could be catastrophic for trade.

“We had a complaint before and we fired the chef. The new chef- maybe we should fire him also,” he said.


Train your staff, hotel manager. Train your staff.

Everyone here is incompetent. No use firing someone to replace them with another clueless local.

And no, I don’t want a free meal. Thanks.




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