Day 188- Death of a Gecko

Jungle isolation, day 188.

My sense of isolation yesterday grew to the point of considering Facebook suicide until I realized it is far too late for that now in terms of what They already know about each of us.

As my finger hovered over the first of about 1000 ‘are you sure you never want to know again what (insert name) had for tea last night?’ nags, the further realization that I would probably never hear from anyone beyond about 5 people ever again also took hold (one is my sister, the others never used FB in the first place and email me about once a year).

This was during the early stages of a five-hour power cut that meant I couldn’t cook and was too hot and sweaty to make it downstairs in any case. I drank water and ate a pack of nuts. Almonds, I recall.

Due to a lingering virus picked up in the UK, however, I then had a coughing fit of such magnitude I ended up spewing the water, almonds and a substantial amount of stomach acid onto the floor and into the bin beside the sofa.

It could have been worse. I very nearly destroyed both my MacBook and Wii U at the moment of issue, yet remembered in time the words of  Jesus- i.e. “Turn thy cheek.” (Matthew 5:39. Kinda paraphrasing here but whateves.)

With an old towel, I did my best to clear it up by candlelight, all the while heaving.

When I surveyed the sorry scene this morning, there was a dead gecko in the remnants:  burnt to death by the stomach acid, perhaps.

I’m still trying to come up with a moral to all the above. If I manage to, I will place it below as tenderly as I placed the little dead gecko to rest.

Into a bin.

Full of sick.



Contrary to the vicious poison now being spread on social media that I am guilty of murdering a gecko: I had no idea it would decide to drink my very acidic sick. They normally catch flies and mosquitos and stuff. I am generally a very hospitable host to the numerous geckos and spiders infesting my stupidly big house, even to the point of worrying whether the spider by the kitchen sink is on a hiding to nothing considering its trap is right next to an electronic mosquito repelling device and, due to me emptying the bin more regularly, the fruit flies have now buzzed off.

I will probably never know the gecko’s name or motivation (or even give a shit come April) in drinking the sick but shall always salute its bravery. So that it can be remembered for as long as I am in Myeik, I am not scraping its poo off the wall.

A fitting tribute, I think.


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