Djinn Attack: Jubail, KSA

Image: ‘Djinn’ Alejandro D’marco

I am researching the djinn and asked a friend, Peter Fairless, if he would share a deeply disturbing experience which happened to him in Jubail, 2006.

Here is Peter’s experience:

I’m English. At the time of these events I was in my mid 30’s. I’m married with two children. I’m not given to seeing ghosts (never seen one) or having supernatural experiences.

I think the year was 2006. It was my first visit to Saudi Arabia, to work on a short summer contract for a language school in Jubail. Leaving the airport I was delighted to see all the prestigious SUV’s and expensive sports cars. My Indian driver led me to a dark corner, where an apparently abandoned 1960’s limousine lay rusted and dust encrusted. The seats were ripped. It was June; the air conditioning was broken. I travelled with my head out of the window like an overheated dog, gasping for air and watching the lights of Jubail approach in the early morning hours.

I was taken to a very large house in a suburb of Jubail, near the Corniche. The area was quite respectable and peaceful. The house was surrounded by 2.5 metre high walls, with a small garden and a bolted metal gate. To get inside the yard area you would need to scale the 2.5 metre high walls, no mean feat. The house was also secured with a big, heavy, wooden door. The door had multiple locks. The downstairs windows had metal bars outside, protecting them, and I suppose, me.

Inside the house there was a layer of dust on everything. Nobody had been around for a while. There was furniture in the rooms, but everything had an abandoned feeling. The central room downstairs was a large kitchen. On the top floor of the house were 5 bedrooms, all en suite. I was the only guest. My driver departed. I was alone.

Inside the house, even in the morning, with beams of sunlight shining through the dusty windows, there was a feeling of being closely observed. More than that, the feeling that someone was standing directly behind me. There was nobody there, of course. It’s not a feeling I’m accustomed to though, and I wasn’t best pleased. Making my way around the house I found that every item seemed somehow strange. There was an old TV in what may once have been a comfortable lounge. By the TV were a video player and a number of videos. All the films were horror films, often “B’ movies, or unusually disturbing films. I remember that one was “Jacob’s Ladder.” As disturbing a film as you can get. Watch the trailer:

Upstairs the bedrooms were either devoid of furniture, or had broken items. In the rooms with furniture, it appeared to have been used to barricade the doors. I was uncomfortable, but not scared. I wondered how the house had reached this stage of semi-abandonment, what had happened, and why. As the day went by, the feeling of being observed grew stronger. Not hugely intimidated, I did my best to sleep at night. There was no working air conditioning in the house for the first few days, so sleep was difficult. I chose the room with the most daylight as my bedroom. I slept intermittently…various bangs and thuds from the empty house below didn’t alarm me too much, and they weren’t too loud. I began work shortly and days went by. Work was tolerable and time passed. I remained the only occupant of the house.

But…over time the feeling of being observed grew stronger. So strong that I began to jump around suddenly, often, to see who was there. I began to dread returning to the house as darkness fell. The thuds and bangs from empty rooms grew louder, much louder. I also began to dread the moment between consciousness and sleep, as then I would hear voices, or sense somebody approaching the bedroom. I began to barricade the bedroom door at night, and for the only time in my adult life, sleep with a table lamp switched on.

One night, at exactly 3.30 am, I was awoken by the sound of the front door being kicked, in what seemed an attempt to break it down. It was extremely loud and violent. I jumped out of bed and ran down to the door, searching for some kind of weapon. Of course, nothing came to hand. I think I got some random piece of wood from somewhere. It was not ideal. As I reached the door the banging stopped. There were no voices. No sounds of feet. No angry shouting, or laughter. No scuffling, or movement. Nothing. I opened the door and went outside. Nothing. Just silence. The same thing happened a few more times while I was there. I never went downstairs to investigate again, and it was never quite as loud. I reinforced the barricading in my bedroom. I didn’t tell anybody.

The feeling of malevolent observation in the house became overwhelming. At one point I decided to change bedroom. I was drawn to a bedroom at the other side of the house. It seemed fine until I tried to use the bathroom. The large mirror in the bathroom had an eerie quality. It retained my gaze and I felt as though I could step into it, or worse, that something could step through it to me. The mirror was mesmerizing. Looking into it one night, I glanced down and saw my razor. Without thinking what I was doing or why, I picked up the razor and put it against my neck. I started to draw it deeply against my skin, only for millimeters. Blood streamed down my neck. Ouch. The pain drew me to my senses. I looked in amazement in the mirror as bright red blood ran from my neck and dripped downward. I staggered out of the bathroom, and never went back in there. I closed up the whole area and never opened the door again. I told my colleagues that I had cut myself shaving.

One weekend, I had gone to sleep with difficulty, as the feeling of menace was worse than ever. I woke up with sunlight streaming through the windows. I relaxed, thinking to myself, “Nothing can happen now.” Immediately, from directly below me in the kitchen came three loud bangs, as if I had hit the table with my fist as hard as I possibly could. I jumped out of bed and sprinted downstairs. I ran into the kitchen and to my amazement…there was nobody there. I stood astonished and breathless by the kitchen table. Immediately, from directly above me, in the bedroom I had just left, came the same three loud bangs. I didn’t bother to run back upstairs, as the only way up was the way I just came down, a few seconds before. Obviously, there was nobody there.

At work a few days later, I finally asked to leave the house. A strange expression passed over the manager’s face. “Why, exactly?” he asked. I explained that I felt uncomfortable there. He agreed to move me immediately, to my surprise. Later, I was told that a teacher had previously killed himself in the house. I wasn’t told how. That story was retracted after a while. I never found out the truth. I do know that two teachers together had had the three thirty a.m. experience of the front door assault; their reaction had been to immediately barricade themselves together into one bedroom. I also discovered that no member of staff, including manager, driver, teachers or cleaners, would even set foot in there, in daylight.

I guess the house still exists. So if you take a teaching job in Jubail….beware.

For those who don’t know, the djinn are shadowy, multi-dimensional entities who were created (from ‘smokeless fire’, according to the Koran) long before humans and are still pretty pissed off with us for supplanting them.

They can be linked to UFOs, aliens, the ‘shadow people’, fairies and other seemingly inexplicable entities. As they are multi-dimensional, they make as much sense to us as a 3D person invading a flat 2D plane would make.

We know these higher dimensions exist as mathematics can be used to prove their existence. We can even see  the 3D shadows cast by 4D objects moving in 4D space, such as in this video of a rotating tesseract (which is only turning itself inside-out from our perspective):



Although the existence of entities who exist in 4D is harder to prove as they do not fully exist in this dimension and so have no physical form as we understand, they are almost certainly the same beings experienced by different cultures in different ways and are able to adopt the form expected by cultures so have been variously described as ghosts, demons, fairies, aliens and other anomalous entities.

They are described in the Koran but predate Islam.

I have written about them before here.

Peter Fairless is about to move to Germany as a freelance Business English teacher.

His blog detailing this is here:







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