Duck My Sick

Nocturnal Sex Fiend writes:

Just thrown up.

Beer & wine just don’t mix.

I had 10-15 pints of lager as it was only £1.80 a pint & had 1 glass of warm house red due to being inebriated.

Within minutes of the red my stomach was furious. The mouth started watering & foamy red vomit ejaculated with projectile force.

There was corn in it & I ain’t eaten corn.

I threw up all over the cash point at Lloyds. Loads of it.

Oh well. It’s 3am now. A few large scotches (a bottle)& a fat joint should cure my ailment.

Hair of the dog in 5 hours. More scotch, corn flakes & refreshing lager.
Elephant beer. Then off to work watching porn for 8 hard hours.

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1 Comment

  1. Can people please stop liking this on StumbleUpon. It’s been more popular than anything I myself have written in the last month and my sister says Nocturnal Sex Fiend makes her feel ill.

    I’ve told her NSF is a particularly dark character of an old friend of mine and fuck it his stuff gets decent hits.

    Her reply, “Yeah, from a bunch of perverts!”

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