A0R731 E Ecstasy pills or tablets close up studio shot methylenedioxymethamphetamine. Image shot 2004. Exact date unknown.

(written c. 1997)

So we’ve cribbed a solution
and cheated on tests
but all the chaos and confusion
makes more sense when we’re messed

And when the conclusion
that heaven’s just chemistry
is confirmed, the solution
is clubbing and necking e

And the fact that the world
doesn’t work doesn’t matter
we are safe in the rhythm
we are part of when battered
and it’s clear all defenses
are really the prison
that far from protecting
has blinded our vision

And the fact we must act
on this vision or drown
grows ever more doubtful
in the cold light of coming down
that steals softly through days
which are losing volition
where hope becomes a haze
of lost dreams and ambition

But when you’ve taken our future
our prospects and hope
it’s only taking drugs that
allows us to cope

In the necking of ecstasy
we have lived, loved and raved
and lost the point of reality
too far gone to be saved

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