EU Couldn’t Make it Up!

I notice the Statist Socialists have concluded that the people voted the “wrong” way because they are morons.

This is to them:

Can I suggest you stop trying to impose your worldview on others, accept the fact that others may hold different views for valid reasons and that your own worldview may well be just as wrong.

Reality is too complex to be viewed in black and white. I voted to leave because I believe in individual liberty. No-one has the right to impose their views on others or assume that they are in the right, especially when parroting received wisdom or self-interest cloaked in concern for the “greater good”.

There is no “greater good” than an acceptance of true diversity- opinion, lifestyle, personal goals, musical taste, interests, favourite colour, flavour of the month etc. The sour yet smug attitude towards half the population you demonise but hope to re-educate speaks volumes about your own haughty sense of self-worth.

Perhaps the foundation of “liberty, equality and fraternity” has caused such a perverse world view. It’s worth considering.

For starters- liberty and equality are mutually exclusive. Perhaps you can even spot levels of encoded meaning in ‘fraternity’ also. Synonyms include ‘Brotherhood’.

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