EU Won’t Hear Anything More from Me on this Subject


Yesterday, I posted the above on my Facebook feed  at 19.01.

Eventually, I got a reply from a friend who is an ex-BBC journalist and a lovely woman, so I won’t name her.

She ‘replied’ at 21:41:

And it will fail cos good people give up on it. Come on…

I replied at 22.27:

It has failed.

The reply at 22.47 was:

Why do you say that? There is still hope. People giving up is the problem.

After that, I posted the following:

The only real future for humanity relies on a grassroots reorganisation of society. I have no idea how and if that can happen given the course of events.

Despite its increasingly-apparent iron fist (a sign of clear desperation), Statism has failed and neither right wing nor left wing have any answers. They don’t even have questions anymore due to being mired in a post-modernistic soup of moral relativity that is well past its sell-by date.

To give up on the EU is not to give up on Europe- our strength as Europeans is our diversity of nations. I love Europe. However, the top-down elitist structure has been created by people who do not have anyone’s interests but their own at heart.

To be honest, democracy itself has failed due to politicians, public sector and third sector workers either being bought-and-paid-for blackmailable individuals or ‘useful idiots’.

Those who are not part of the programme are smeared and destroyed by the same powers that run other stuff.


(me in black, her in red):

Then I got onto Messenger with her:
ME: you didnt write that comment?
FRIEND: No. I’m too lazy
ME: fuck. that shows something deeply sinister about FB and TPTB
FRIEND: You know I’m a three sentence max gal.
ME: it didnt sound like you, tbh. but it IS 3 sentences
FRIEND: You know what I mean… I’m short but to the point
ME: i know u cant be arsed to pick battles on Brexit. so it did strike me as odd. but i believe in the case for it and so i will argue with those who want Remain
FRIEND: My argument is short and clear. I have a house in Spain now. Give me a chance to enjoy it.
ME: ya as u said to me. either way that wont be at risk
ME: its not like the entire legal system of owndeship worldwide will collapse
FRIEND: Anyway, that’s my brexit voice. So that long rant wasn’t me
ME: that means people are hijacking accounts to leave pro-remain messages
ME: as a journalist.. sniff sniff,,
ME: (thats a bloodhound, not crying btw!)
FRIEND: Worrying.
ME: can i copy this onto my blog? i wont mention your name
ME: its indicative of deep state
ME: if they are doing stuff like this then … fuck it… Brexit



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