Farts and Craps Movement ft. will. i. am blake

“Yo word up bitches and homies, this is will i. am blake representing the Why to the Be to the o Ayo.

We say o ayo wayo wayo.

We say o wayo wayo wayo.

Comin atcha with an image captcha from an image snapper with an eye for the Y as in Young British Artists [now getting on a bit].

It’s an O. T. P. and that’s Original Toilet Piece, spotted in the Gents of the Robin Hood Pub in BKK [and that’s Bangkok, you thick fucking pricks].

Justin Bieber is a believer that it’s by Tracy Emin but we are now now rocking with Damian Hurst, says Britney Bitch.

Any art experts care to give an appraisal? Gotta be worth some serious wonga.

Peace and Fucksticks


                 – Big Willy


big willy am  …INBOX


Aiight just had a shout out from my man W.G. in Lower Strapney. He says.. if I can read this without my glasses.. erm…

” it is obviously an entirely accurate and truthful representation of the struggle going on in the minds of many adults between the sexualisation of young children.. and the smiling silence (here fittingly represented by a penis) of the dominator culture at large.. as it festers in bling, around the globe. Have some sugar, kid..”

Thought provoking stuff. Nuff respect to W.G. fo sho.

Still no idea which YBA done did this though, but sexualisation of young children is very big right now and all that stuff about the “dominator culture” can only add value to a potential buyer.

I’m thinking it’s thematically of a piece with some of Grayson Perry’s unsentimental depictions of chidhood. If so, it marks a bold departure from his usual ceramics.

Or maybe one of the Chapman Brothers.

So keep em comin party people.. names.. pseudo intellectual psycho babble.. snapchat genitalia.. you know who you are!



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