Fat People

Fat people used to be great!- remember Shirley Crabtree (Big Daddy, of course) and Hattie Jacques? They spellbound the nation with their entertaining ways.

These days it seems all fat people want to is just sit around with diabetes watching the telly- all except for James Corden who actually IS on the telly and rubbish.

Come on, fat people! You can do better as a bunch than Carpool Karaoke.

You ARE bigger so THINK bigger!

Council Estate Sumo has yet to be optioned for one.

(For those complaining I’m being all parochial and English here- Big Daddy was a popular wrestler on ITV in the 1970s- he’d be the good guy vs Giant Haystacks (who was even bigger).

Lovely man, Big Daddy.

His trademark move was to climb to the top of the ropes and then do a ‘splashdown’ belly flop on the opponent. Eventually, this led to a middle-aged wrestler having a fatal heart attack in the ring and Big Daddy was broken-hearted forever.

Hattie Jacques is the plump saucy one in Carry On films.



(Recent lack of words- ah yep. Sorry. More coming soon. Understand I have just moved to a new city / country and have had some real-life stuff happen that was either drudgery or interesting. Once I work out which is which I’ll start writing about the interesting bits. Cheers!)

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