Why is it when you take a flight on a plane it’s easy and you don’t have to do much except sit back and relax yet when you take a flight of stairs it’s really strenuous and you might need to stop for a breather or have a heart attack?

It seems there’s one rule for airborne modes of transportation but a quite different one for a series of steps going from one level to another.

Come ON, English language- SORT IT OUT!*



























*yeah due to WordPress not giving a true WYSIWYG thing my asterisked asides are never quite far enough down so I had to do a load of spaces and -s and shit).

I mean, I fucking STARTED this footnote with WYSIWYG like I’m either trying to impress you with crappy dated jargon or trying to make you feel stupid,




(I’m doing either, by the way. Hope you like THEM root vegetables?)

Sorry, I forgot what this was a footnote to. I need to go back a bit. Probably best you do, too.








ok, so it was just a load of wordplay bollocks.




Still, it’s early in the week yeah.

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