France and the Strategy of Tension

Let’s hope the security services get all the extra funding they will undoubtedly ask for in the wake of the events in Paris. I’m sure we can all trust them to put the unaccountable billions earmarked for black ops to good and positive use.

Sadly, we’ll never get to find out due to reasons of ‘national security’ which is a real thing and not just a way of both government and the great-and-good hiding all the shameful and illegal things they’re constantly up to.

I know it might seem typical of me to take a conspiratorial view of events but there are some serious anomalies with what happened on Friday. As an example, the police let 100 people be shot dead at a music concert before deciding to do anything about it. Even for a Death Metal gig this number seems excessive.

Some are arguing this is the latest staged act in the ‘Strategy of Tension’ which, back in its glory days of Operation Gladio in Italy involved the security services blowing up buildings and killing people then blaming it on left-wing extremists, thus justifying any right-wing retaliation. That’s been just about the modus operandi ever since.

Basically, we’re all a lot easier to control if we’re shitting our pants with fear. If we’re begging those in charge to DO something to make it all right again, so much the better. We need to be controlled. It’s for our own good.

A name you don’t hear mentioned that much, but only because nobody knows how to pronounce it, is Zbigniew Brzezinski, one of Obama’s handlers. In 2009, he came up with the not-at-all psychopathic insight that “in earlier times, it was easier to control a million people, literally, than physically to kill a million people” while “today it is infinitely easier to kill a million people than to control a million people.”

Cheers, Zbig for that delightful window into the minds of your kind. I’m sure you have a load of others great lines, but now you just get Obama to say them for you. Which is a relief because after nearly eight years, his name can be pronounced by the average American, even if they then go on to pronounce him a “muslim cock fag” when he is, of course, a Satanist cock fag.

As Cultural Marxism aka Fascism won their game of destroying everything worthwhile about Western society a long time ago, when the end of the Cold War came it meant we would need new ways of expressing ourselves as free individuals than just wearing blue jeans and listening to Neil Young. It also meant the elite needed a new divide and rule thing going on. So they decided to make Muslims the new enemy.

Before Muslims, it had been the Sealed Knot Society for a while, on account of all those weapons. A re-enactment of the Children’s Crusade was mooted, but then it was decided having real, new crusades would be way more fun than whatever happened way back when. For a while there, though, they were a real contender. The Sealed Knot, for their part not used to dealing with anything much bigger than a re-enactment the Battle of Edge Hill, stepped aside graciously and with some relief.

Muslims it would be.

I seem to remember George Dubya back in the day, saying “This is not a war on Muslims. It’s a war on Islam,” but I’m pretty sure that was satire. Hard to tell.

The fact that Muslims immigrants to Western countries tend to segregate themselves and colonise whole neighbourhoods, plus they look so very different and refuse to even try a bacon sandwich- even if they smell it being cooked- has done them no favours, unfortunately.

They should have knuckled down to the National Lottery and TOWIE with the rest of Britain instead. Unfortunately, many of their ways are so odd to Westerners it is easy for the demonic to demonize them. Note however, not all Muslims are the same. In the northern part of Oman, for instance, they view women covering up their entire faces as ‘retarded’- actual quote from an eighteen year old ex-student of mine- because there is no mention of it in the Koran. Instead it is a symbol of ultra modesty / extreme egotism combined with simple abject fear of being pack raped should any features get so much as glimpsed outside the home.

We could go some way to easing the covering-up situation by gently advising the next time we see a lady in full burka: “I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you, love; you’re not all that anyway.” Maybe she will then realise how silly she has been all these years and cast her black mask aside like Batman coming off duty.

Likewise, the Omanis again justify drinking alcohol due to a passage in the Koran which doesn’t expressly forbid drinking, it just says on balance the cons outweigh the pros. This is a handy get-out clause considering a third of the male adult population are alcoholics.

As for the verses condemning homosexuality, which were in the English translation of the Koran I read; -clearly these were added after the Arabic edition, much like all the ‘theeing’ and ‘thouing’ of the St. James Bible. If not, explain to me why the shop at the all-male college I recently worked for didn’t sell cigarettes but DID sell condoms. The heavy duty ones.

But back to France,  and even if these killers ARE ISIS members- and they made fairly sure people got that impression by loudly shouting “I am ISIS!”- it’s been pretty categorically shown, to those who don’t believe the hype, that ISIS is an intelligence creation- CIA- first and foremost, supported by Saudi Arabia and Qatar- both Sunni countries with an inbuilt hatred of the Shia- plus Turkey and Israel. Britain’s in there too, stirring it all up as its mandarins stir their cups of Earl Grey and arms deals go down between urbane accountants at the Export Credit Guarantees Department. Bourbon biscuits, no doubt a subtle revolutionary joke, are included.

Fans of delving down these kinds of rabbit holes may also want to research Britain’s role in setting up the Muslim Brotherhood or even those persistent rumours that the House of Saud are secretly Jewish and Wahabism just a load of mind control for the masses.

The fact that ISIS are not who the media have been telling us they are ever since they so scarily appeared on the scene in their white Nikes, is clear- and it’s a dead giveaway. America drop bombs on ISIS for two whole years and nothing much changes. Russia take two weeks to practically obliterate them.

I said at the time of the Budapest refugees- and I happpened to be there so was able to check out the makeshift camp- most of the refugees were strapping young men who looked fighting fit and many of them had Samsung Curve phones which are at least as expensive as iPhones.

I read a defence of refugee smart phone usage in the Guardian about how even poor people have smartphones these days and who are we to judge? The Guardian article also suggested that they were actually cheap bottom-of-the-range Androids and- here’s the emotional bit- how would YOU feel if you were miles away from home and unsure if loved ones were still alive etc. In fact, how dare you anything at all with your patriarchical white privilige suggesting smart phones are only for us ‘developed’ nations. Blah Blah Blah. They were Samsung Galaxy Curves and iPhone 6 /6 pluses for the most part- I took some photos if anyone wants evidence.

So if we accept the thesis that ISIS are actually ‘our’ – well, the globalists’- mercenary boys, then it makes sense they were all pulled back to defensive positions throughout Europe once Russia started making serious noises.

All of this was smoothed over by a mainstream media that had suddenly developed empathy for the first time in EVER, which in itself was a dead propaganda give-away.

Any time ‘they’ appeal to your emotions they’re hoping you will react emotionally and in the way they want you to. Problem-Action-Reaction or Thesis-Antithesis-Synthesis. The result of this Hegelian dialectic is to push humanity by degrees into serfdom.

So basically we have the Deep State of the Anglo-American Order plus acolytes responsible for a massive bloodbath and it’s not even false flag anymore because anyone can see that they themselves created, funded, armed and trained ISIS, an identity they find good enough to shout about.

Of course it is a tragedy that so many died. But there are agendas and power plays going on and we’ve already seen our leaders think nothing of hundreds of thousands, or even millions dead. We are pawns on the grand chess board, nothing more. In truth, they want us ALL killed and when they’ve worked out how to automate everything they probably WILL. And then how silly will they feel, not having anyone to swan about in front of, feeling all self-important yet no audience of proles to validate their existence?

PS: When I was working in Oman, my students would REGULARLY get spam phone messages in Arabic and English inviting them to come help build the Islamic Caliphate- it is your DUTY as a muslim- great rates of pay and fringe benefits.

The mobile number the messages came from was American, but that means very little in terms of geo-positioning. But I bet if you could trace those lines they’d be coming from a pentagram-shaped building in DC. Or one of countless front companies.

PPS: Everything I have written above can be corroborated through a number of sources. I’d suggest you do your own research rather than ask me for links. There’s a good deal of work to do in weighing up whether a source is reputable or not. This requires critical thinking, which is about the best thing you can do for yourself in this world, besides wanking, and- unlike wanking- only ever gets better and better.

Why am I even writing about this event on what is at least meant to be a humour site? Well, funnily enough I can’t get a joke out of this one. Charlie Hebdo I did a line of white powder with the slogan “Je suis crushed up aspirin and infant milk formula.” This time, I can’t make light of the situation.

No doubt Charlie Hebdo will come up with  load of “Haw haw! Aren’t Arabs stupid!” sucide bomber cartoons plus a cover which I’m hoping they will really rise to the challenge with. I’ve heard it’s an actual depiction of Mohammed with an arrow pointing at him saying “He’s a cunt!”- only in French, of course. Mohammed is sodomising  Francoise Hollande avec une baguette which gets soggy from Hollande’s tears splashing off his Masonic apron.

It will seem utterly offensive to most, be responsible for a fair few more deaths but will be dreadfully witty for those with a subtle grasp of French humour and so therefore defendable to the death. Of someone else.

Side note: If I were to do a “Where’s Wally?” type book but call it “Where’s Mohammed?” and YET have NO ACTUAL DEPICTION, would this be praised or condemned by the Islamic community?

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  1. Exceptional writing rick, scarily true unfortunately with death toll of just Syrian civilians reaching near 250k and 10million displaced the fact the conflict has now landed on our doorstep as it has landed on theirs seems to NOW get people thinking and worrying.. after all where would we go? How would we feel? I am incredible sad about what will happen to the refugees in the cold and the wet, thousands of them, to send £1k after a party, just felt well a matter of fact, not enough, i put my name down to volunteer, but now I am scared…Why? because you should be, and maybe that fear could be turned into unifying most people s desire for peace.. I have a feeling its now or never.. x

  2. I have absolutely nothing but sympathy for these refugees- well, the ones who aren’t ISIS obviously.

    They have only come because the Anglo-American empire has ruined their country totally as part of a psychotic geostrategy that comes from a dark and damaged group of individuals passing themselves off as the leaders- both parties- of the whole goddamn muthafucking world.

    I just long for the day when enough people see the big picture to demand change.

    We know what the globalist plans are. They’ve made them pretty clear-and largely public- and we know they are profoundly inhuman and reprehensible in every way. Their constant need to control and if possible crush the human spirit is shameless.

    We also know the kinds of operations they undertake and tricks that have in their bag. And yet no matter how dumb the propaganda is, still most people will shrug and get on with their day even if they know it’s bullshit. It doesn’t concern them. Why should they bother?

    Propaganda for the liberal intelligentsia in the UK is the deeply uninspiring rag, The Guardian/Observer, still somehow masquerading as the left-of-centre newspaper it hasn’t been since it cheerleaded for war on Iraq. There’s no going back from a wrong call like that. I hope they swiftly die of income starvation, an unlistened to and irrelevant voice in a worldwide dystopia its supposed-progressive politics have helped bring about.

    Every journalist on every newspaper who wrote stories with a pro-war spin in the lead-up to the Iraq Invasion should hang their heads in shame. But of course they have no shame and so blithely go about their day, still churning out damaging poison to support the evil empire but mainly, of course, to pay for the mortgage and their kids’ private school fees.


    I was outside a pub near News International the day the Iraq war broke out and by degrees became aware there was a Sun photographer and journalist sat at another table, also enjoying the nice Spring afternoon. The photographer was flicking through various pictures of explosions going “Hmmm, that one’s nice” then turned to the reporter.

    “How’s The Sun Says column going?” she asked in a highly cultivated accent.

    “Oh bang after bang after bang. The usual jingoistic nonsense for the Sun.”
    I was so shocked at their being completely comfortable with writing obvious lies for the proles that I sat there stunned rather than lamping him. One of my deep and abiding regrets. I would gladly physically assault someone in retaliation for the horrors following their knowing lies.

    Anyway, I was waiting for a train to Prague on the day when most of the refugees had already cleared off. Desperate BBC cameramen were filming people- anyone- getting on the train on the other platform. They didn’t stop to fact check these were actual refugees and not locals on their way to a picnic, but if there was a baby or cute kid then they were there. No doubt the shot looked dramatic and like people were scrambling on board the train, shot from above their heads at a tight focus. Must have had an effect on the psyche of the viewer for the seconds the footage was used.

    There was a BBC journalist milling around also.

    I really wanted to go over to him and ask “At what point did you realise that what you were doing was just lying and how long did it take for you to cease to care?” but then I worried I’d gabble it all out wrong and he’d glare at me in some haughty way before dismissing my very being.

    Then again, he might have gone “Yeah it’s all bollocks, ennit?” We will never know.

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