General Disinformation Plan

General Disinformation Plan
gives as little as it can
while they move and fix and scan
now close your eyes tightly
General Disinformation Plan,
White House bigots, Uncle Sam
doing everything they can
to terrorise Blighty
drugged draft dodgers
rich old codgers
foetus eating
General Disinformation Plan
don’t let on you know the scam
folks go mad and cars go bang
and people die nightly
General Disinformation Plan
smoke and mirrors, unmarked vans
mamma mia mammon man
not fooling me slightly
General Disinformation Plan
planes and towers, trains and bangs
special powers, golden showers
life in the Noughties
General Disinformation Plan
fuse is lit, time you ran
all the days and works of man
going to end shortly

(July 2005)

(Written in the immediate aftermath of the London 7/7 false flag attack. Chapter Two of my hilarious novel about madness, futility and death will be up very shortly- tomorrow, hopefully.)

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