Glen Coinlid #8

And so wee present the final two pages of Neil Codling‘s Glen Coinlid’s 1991’s Easter’s Special’s Special.

And the law of diminishing returns has set in- a steadily-declining hit rate, resembling the lower slopes of the Cotswold Hills slumping towards the Vale of Worcester, perhaps- or a reflection of the fact that Americans a) don’t know who Suede were / are and b) don’t care.

Thanks a fucking bunch.

And now I gotta go away and do some more writing over the next couple of days, all the while mithering about trying to promote my site and yet hitting the brick wall of SEO nonsense, viz:

a) what’s the fucking product?

b) what’s the fucking audience?

c) what’s the fucking point?

As soon as I have a ready answer to any of these, I will let you know, dear reader. In the meantime, stay choo choo.

lovey dovey doo dahs

Ron Gridcharts


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