Happy New Year

My upcoming holiday in Thailand, where I finally escape Myeik, coincides with Thai New Year- Songkran.

This might sound joyous but is actually millions of people pouring water over each other for days on end and numberless hordes of farang squirting you with pump action water pistols throughout.

Last time I got stuck there at this time someone tipped a bucket of dirty water over my head leading to a four-month ear infection that was both bacterial AND fungal and has left me with permanent tinnitus. Arse.

I may just head to Vietnam that bit sooner.

For balance, Vietnamese New Year, Tet, is equally bad and involves the entire country shutting down for a week so they can go back to their village and drink, gamble and loll about. For two months before this there is zero hiring and for three or more months after everyone in the country is skint, thereby knackering their entire economy year after year.

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