Hey, You, Whitehouse

I’m currently listening (once) again to Pink Floyd’s ‘Pigs- Three Different Ones’.

I gather it has gained a new audience and new-found meaning in this last twelve crazy months with many (including Roger Waters himself) equating the first verse with Donald Trump and probably all manner of people thinking the last verse about “Hey you, Whitehouse” is actually about the, y’know, actual White House.

The ‘Whitehouse’ referred to was Mary Whitehouse, tireless battle-axe for disgusted moral crusades against the torrent of filth that she saw spewing out of the average British television set over a thirty-year period.

In Black & White it was about bearable to Mary but when they switched to technicolour scenes of homo DP on Children’s BBC (’Doctor Who- The Two Doctors’ (1974)) and Goatsee briefly replacing Pudsy as BBC’s Children in Need mascot in 1976, she set to work with a tireless campaign of nagging anyone who would listen that it was all filthy nonsense.

She was right, of course. But so very wrong.

Here is the most random clip I have seen of her*. It’s a beauty!

She was painted as a laughing-stock, basically, and in some ways was. The satirical puppet show Spitting Image had a regular field day with her. However, when you see how much mass-media has degenerated, perhaps she had a point.

If you haven’t heard the track, you should:

And then the entire album Animals as it is simply an astonishing piece of work from forty years ago that didn’t really receive the attention it deserved- it was overshadowed both by Punk and Pink Floyd’s own albums that book-ended it- Wish You Were Here and The Wall.

The album resonates with the current times, it seems, and is very much recommended. The same goes for Roger Waters’ new album Is This the Life We Really Want? – sonically and thematically similar in some ways and almost certainly his swan song as he’s about 75 and hadn’t released a proper album in 25 years until now. This has been, let’s face it, a bit slack.

Back to Mary Whitehouse.

In her twilight years, the then-satirist comedian Victor Lewis-Smith prank called her with a porno playing in the background.

If this doesn’t make you laugh then please don’t visit the site again, unless you really want to be disappointed. It’s well funnier than anything I’ve ever come up with.





  • in the two minutes I bothered searching. To be honest, I was looking for a Spitting Image puppet sketch of her and thought fuck it that will do- the host looks shifty, shady and just plain bizarre. Sweating a lot, too, considering it’s his job to be under the studio lights.



On a political note: Trump’s not a pretty sight to behold as President, but then the entire Western system and entire Western way of life (TM?) has been built on the destruction of others.

I think it is hilarious he is taking a wrecking-ball to the American political system. The Deep State are exposed as never before and if you don’t see what’s going on by now, you maybe never will.

The slogans on the pig are silly and childish, in my opinion. That said, I have friends who love to clog up my FB thread with similar memes. I’d rather read about something more empowering.


Cheers, all,

Your Frond,

Leafy Bracken xx

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