Humble Brag

I was about to do a humble brag but then I remembered I have nothing to brag about. Or be humble.

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  1. ‘Kinell, I’ve been waiting ages for your next posts, and this is the effluent that I’m met met with?!

    Up your game Ronald…!

  2. Ha fair enough.

    In reality, things were both weird and mundane recently.

    There have been email exchanges between NSF and myself regarding one or two issues recently. A few days off now. Will post some more.

    Still, it was a good line eh

  3. Anyway, plenty of sites etc. Am limbering up again. Takes a few goes generally.

    What happened this last two weeks was weird though and I need to process it before writing about it

  4. Yeah it weren’t a bad line, just a bit of an austere period though, eh? I can’t criticise as prose was never a strong point of mine.

    TBH I’m just missing the many words of wisdom (and comic relief).

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