In? Out? Up? Down? What are these things called prepositions?

Man in the Midlands writes:

23/6- EU Referendum

I just back from my vote, vote 3 at Bishopton/Drayton avenue primary school.
The polling station was evacuated due to a angry undignified OAP shouting & acting up. He was at least 85.

I was told outside he had gone nuts, farting & shouting at voters. I could hear him raving about foreigners & Germans.

The police arrived & escorted him away.

They opened the windows & we were allowed in.

There was a bad smell.

It’s all going on here.

I’ve never seen so many geriatrics. Their out in force, breaking wind.

After, I found out in the pub over the road (The Scab) that a young first time voter in a ‘Vote In’ T shirt said “remember it’s my future Grandad” & that’s what set him off.

I don’t blame him.

Respect to the anti German farting OAP.

Anyway, have some of that!


I notice it’s in tamperable pencil. My sister noticed that at the last election and kicked off. Today she went to the polling station first thing to hand out pens and rant about the New World Order. Good on her.

That pencil shit has freaked me out.
I hope that surely just isn’t possible.

The Remain campaign cannot possibly win in reality. Yet if they fix the vote people will NOT be happy (until they get distracted again by some hello! Over here! Yoo Hoo! Look here!

I think this would be perfect for a new EU flag.

A hairy ugly arse.
I think this would be perfect.

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