Our Man in the Midlands writes…

i was politely asked to cover up my alien sex fiend t shirt at starbucks m40 this morning at 715 as it was deemed offensive to some children by a stupid mother.

I said no and received strange glares. Not happy fuck me like a bitch stares.

I then chose to watch porn & isil atrocities simultaneously with the volume on maximum. Screaming asian teen destroy vidz & chainsaw, machete be-headings. What her children enjoy on their devices.

The Mexicans are very efficient with Stihl garden tools. I need to ask advice on sharpening my saw, they seem to be the best ones to resolve my queries. A nice sharp blade.

Such a fine choice of quality material on social networks.

The Japs love to see an 18 y.o. in agony with a giant vegetable shoved up her arse in a rape scenario. Shit vidz. Shit eaters! Animals. Yet they’re such nice respectable folks.

Tim Berners-Lee must be proud.

They said nothing. Did nothing. It’s amazing how frightening having a skinhead, tattoos & being 6 foot 5 makes me. People step aside fearing a thrashing.

I bet shes on Mums net or facebook complaining. Some social crap.

Its terrifying out there.

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